“Sprinklers Are Our Business”


Why does my sprinkler system keep running when it’s not supposed to?

When a part of the system stays on well after the scheduled shut down time, you know you have a problem. Sometimes the problem is an error in setting up the watering schedule in the irrigation controller. In other instances, there is a mechanical problem and you will need to manually turn off the water. There are two places to turn off the sprinkler system: the system controller and a shut-off valve at the water source.

How much should I water?
In general, watering should moisten the soil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. This requires an application of a half inch of water on coarse, sandy soil, and 1 inch on heavy- or fine-textured soil.

Is my system using too much water?

Excessive use of water, or large jumps from your normal usage can sometimes be an indication of irrigation problems. Overwatering, inappropriate scheduling, malfunctioning equipment and broken water lines can all lead to an unnecessary overuse of water. Also too much water can cause water quality and grass problems, which increases the chance of fungus, or runoff and leaching of nutrients.  However, in many cases it can be easy to blame the sprinkler system when another water usage problem may exist. 

Why is my controller digital display not reading correctly?


You may need a new controller.

Why is my water bill so high?

Your sprinkler controller may need to be set correctly  or a leak may be present.

Can I add additional heads to a section of sprinklers?

Yes, if the meter and pressure will allow.

Why are my plants dying in my drip zone?

An emitter in the drip hose is stopped up and needs to be checked out.

My dog chewed  a green lid and sprinkler wiring is damaged, will that cause other zones not to work?

It can cause other zones to not work if the damage is severe to all wiring.

Why does my sprinkler system not turn off when it is raining?

It may be a bad signal with wireless or rain sensor and may need to be replaced in most cases.